My latest album is ready for you: “20/20”

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This latest album (and for all intensive purposes, the first) — 20/20 — blends geysers of colorful guitars and synth tones, slinky and thick bass tracks, soulful, driving rhythms, and lush, memorable vocal passages; wrapped up in a pop/rock atmosphere reminiscent of early 2000s or late 90s alternative rock. 2020 was a monumental year, and our hope remains that the trials and tribulations of this past year ultimately further the future advancement of medical technology. Here is our album of songs for 2020. Looking back on the year, each month is represented with a song; with substantial poetic value. 20/20 hindsight. We hope someone enjoys listening to these timeless songs as much as we’ve enjoyed making them.


Released March 18, 2021

  • January’s subtitle is “Carlos Delgado” featuring Matt Fauller (Drums), John Fauller (Bass)
  • February’s subtitle is “Run Me Over” featuring Matt Fauller (Drums), Matt Tahaney (Bass, Backing Vocals), and Barbara Brewer (Backing Vocals)
  • March’s subtitle is “Mess Around” featuring Jamie Anderson (Drums), Matt Tahaney (Bass, Arrangement) and John Fauller (additional Bass).
  • April’s subtitle is “Caught Up in the Ropes” featuring Matt Fauller (Drums), Nick DeSantis (Piano), and Barbara Brewer (Backing Vocals)
  • May’s subtitle is “Teach Me How” featuring Matt Tahaney (Guitar Solo)
  • June’s subtitle is “No Way Man” featuring Matt Tahaney (Arrangement)
  • July’s subtitle is “Ottoman”
  • August’s subtitle is “Licorice” featuring Barbara Brewer (Backing Vocals)
  • September’s subtitle is “Hard2Live” featuring John Fauller (Bass)
  • October’s subtitle is “Falling Down the River” and is dedicated to the Westport Point Wednesday Night Summer Dock Jam Bluegrass Group where you’ll find me most Wednesday nights in the Summer
  • November’s subtitle is “Normal”
  • December’s subtitle is “Mine”

Thank you to my Mom for rocking your beautiful alto on Run Me Over (February), Ropes (April), and Licorice (August). It was absolutely amazing and something I’ll look back forever on with immense joy. Without you I would have nothing, I love you so much.

Massive thank you’s go out to Tedd Tjornhom and Jake Halm at Studio T. Without you, none of this would be possible. Your inspiration and influence lives forever in my soul.

A huge shout-out to my bandmates Matt Fauller and Nick DeSantis, you guys keep me alive, and feeling young. Catch us, GUY, at:

A plethora of love to my songwriting & production comrades Matt Tahaney, John Fauller, and Jamie Anderson. You guys rock my world!

Jamming at the Bittersweet